Saturday, December 24, 2016

Adding ,,avoid flame war,, to rules

For example, to avoid flame war, i edited and removed parts from the interview, for example in the part 4  of the answer. I hope Denis_48 understands the need to this rule in forums, blogs.


  1. It's okay. You did well.
    My point was to add historical background about what happened at this time. Of course when you asked the question I hesitated about the amount of details I should put in this answer. I chose to keep it the most factual, but also the most accurate possible. By doing this my sole intent was to answer in a complete way to your questions.
    You ask, I answer, and you decide the questions you keep in your final product. Newspaper journalists work in a similar way (just make sure to avoid modifying the question too much, as the answer might become a bit strange ;) ).

    It makes sense to delete extracts if you find the content is too sensitive.

    1. Thank you for your precise thought :)