Errors solved

Resolving the game error: ,,can't load profile sudtest.ini error,,
The error shows up because you are running the game from its .exe file or the target is diferent in the shorcut of the game.

Run the game from its existing shorcut or make one.
Check your “Target:” and “Start in” in game_exe.exe shortcut properties, so the below lines that will direct to your game folder, are right for you.
For me, i write in the “Target:” :
And in “Start in” :
Resolving the game error: ,,Invalid CADraw DLL ..\code\release\n2Cad1024.dll,,

When you want to run the editor for SSRW- Pacific Warfare Mod 2.0 this error appears and the editor will crash and not load, so you must close the program.
The folder that contains the file it is missing from the mod.

All you have to do is copy the folder ,,code,, from Sudden Strike 2 root folder and paste it in SSRW- Pacific Warfare Mod 2.0 root folder.
Now enjoy the editor. :)

Resolving: The editor minimize itself to Windows tray
Sometimes, when you open a editor for a mod, the editor goes to tray, and you cannot make it appear if you click in the windows tray.

Do this:
ctrl+Alt+Del to go in the Start Task Manager, then right mouse click on the Universal EDITOR and left mouse click Bring To Front.
Enjoy once again :)


Resolving the editor error: yy==-1 Internal error

This error showed up when i tried to ,,build as multiplayer mission,, my new multiplayer map for AXPRM 2.0 beta 6. This showes up if you leave a script unfilled.




  1. I got a problem with bred.res "Cannot open R-file

  2. Hi. What game are you using, what version, and the error appears when you want to play, or when you run the editor ?

  3. I play Hidden stroke II resource war final v1 and this happened when I use editor.

    1. I will check to see if i can recreate the error. Thanks.

    2. It appears all of a sudden or when you do something specific ?

    3. I can open editor but when I want to create or load new map editor get freezed

  4. Hi. the error doesnot show up, so maybe you must reinstall the game from sudden arena site.
    I tried the following:

    When i run mapeditor.exe :

    I can create a new map, and a new mission :
    Save map, Build as single mission, save mission.
    And i can load my or already other user created maps.

    When i run edit3.exe, the same as above.