Thursday, September 10, 2015

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Pre - alpha Sudden Strike in game demo presentation

Install the demo from Fileplanet gaming site.

This is a ingame presentation, where you can click to scrool the map and even send a bomber where you wish, but not interact with units or tanks.

The Blockbuster of the upcoming Millennium!

Real-time Strategy & tactical war game

Russian and German Units (US-American and British units will be implemented
soon) include infantry, tanks, Tiger, Panther, StrumTiger, Elephant, T34,
T34-85, T-26, KV-1, SU 85, T-70, BA-64, tank destroyers, Katyusha-Rocket-
launcher, assault guns and armoured cars, long-range howitzers, anti-aircraft
artillery, rocket launchers, trucks für transportation infantry and towing
artillery, mobile hospitals, trucks for reloading units with ammo, aviation
for landing troops, bombing and reconnaissance, and anti-tank mines.
Explosive experts are able to blow up bridges and buildings.

- Real-time strategic / tactical war game
- Historcal basis of the plot: World War II
- More than 30 missions (Russian, German, French, US-American and British)
- Up to 1.000 Unit per scenario
- Buildings, forests, bridges, roads, fortifications and entrenchments which
  can be destroyed
- Houses and buildings can be entered and used as fortifications
- Buildings of Ponton bridges, fortifications (e.g. tank blocks)
  and entrenchments

The Blockbuster of the upcoming Millennium!  Coming soon!
Release: January 2000 ,,

Friday, September 4, 2015

Patches for Sudden Strike 1 and 2

Sudden Strike :
Install the patch from Fileplanet gaming site and only suddenstrike_v1_2a_patch_e, as the other patches don't run on windows 7 64 bit.

If you install Sudden Strike forever, a Sudden Strike addon, in the main menu it will show 1.21 version. Depending on your version, this is the final patch.

Sudden Strike Forever was an official add-on to Sudden Strike which introduces many more historically correct units and equipment, such as the upgraded Soviet T-34 tank (1944 version).[7] New terrains are also provided: a desert terrain for the British missions in Tobruk and Tripoli and snow terrains for Soviet missions. The expansion also polished the game engine, balanced the damage of certain units, and added a map and scenario editor.
The add-on includes 4 inter-linked scenarios for each of the campaigns for the Germans, the American, the British and the Soviets. Other units which are added into the add-on includes, but not limited to the Universal Carrier for the British; the BR-5 artillery, 160mm grenade launcher for the Soviet forces and more. The supply system has also been tweaked with artillery crews automatically resupplying themselves with ammo crates nearby instead of relying on supply trucks to do the job. The supply trucks would still be needed to repair damages inflicted on these artillery units, however.
Source from wiki.

Sudden Strike 2 :
Install the patch from Fileplanet gaming site.

Two Sudden Strike 2 instances in two hd partitions

Sudden Strike 2 installs fine, even the last patch (sue_ii_patch_20to22) detects the second instance of the game.

Sudden Strike forever uninstall issue

Sudden Strike forever will not reinstall in another drive location, if you click reinstall. It will overwrite its location. Sudden Strike 2 is fine.