Opening ports to play multiplayer

First know your addres of your router, in my case is I have a tplink router, but your router should have about the same panel and configuration tabs.
Enable your internet connection and add the link in your browser to go in its menu panel.

A pop up window will apear asking you for username and pasword, and if you have none fill with with the defaults.
Enable UPnP if it is not already, then in my case i leave blank for Port Triggering, and last go to Virtual Servers.
Your pc ip adress, is found in the Status bar under the Lan tab.

If you have an antivirus aplication, and you should, use the antivirus firewall also, and disable the windows firewall, so you do not have two, as it not necesary, and it coud have conflicts.
The antivirus will kick in to allow the game exe when you will make or connect to a server.

From here watch the movie clip to learn how and what ports to open for Sudden Strike Forever.

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