28 May 2023

In buymeacoffee, i will switch to Stripe

For you to help me, i will switch from PayPal to Stripe, for buymeacoffee.

PayPal is no longer supported on Buy Me a Coffee.

how to change my membership payment method from paypal

I asked if a intellectual property rights option can be added, to be paid as a artist.

19 February 2022

News regarding "Photos from whom you can be inspired to make your maps"

The images are not meant only for you in doing maps in Sudden Strike series of games or other type of your preferred pc game.

Many photos were made when we traveled by train, tending to avoid the window glare.

23 January 2021

Sudden Strike and Sudden Strike 2 review

Sudden Strike and Sudden Strike 2 are two ww2 rtt (real time tactics) games developed by Fireglow and published by CDV, which over the time has many mods by various people involved in the community.

Game review and comparision :
If you compare the games with Age of Empires or Myth game series, you are right, but the difference being that you have other graphics, timeline and in Sudden Strike and Sudden Strike 2 you cannot put up buildings or upgrade tanks by advancing in a different era.

Sudden Strike in a summer setting
In Sudden Strike 1 and 2 games you have the soviet army, german, british and americans and for a isometric perspective they do a great job in recreating a ww2 scenario.
Some mods added other countries (Italy, Hungary etc.), units and tanks. The tanks for example have different armor penetration and range of fire than others. 
I managed to have a tank main gun stop in a tree branch, almost like in the movie Kelly's Heroes, but i don't remember if the tank was destroyed in the game. 
Trees and houses have a covering effect and waiting in a house can suprise enemies in single and multiplayer games if you order your men not to fire on sight. 
You may want to destroy a tank to make a type of road block out of it to stop the other tanks advancing. The destroyed tank will eventually dissapear after some time or can be repaired by a crew.
In winter, camuflage can hide your infantry units next to a tree or in trenches and you can have soldiers advance in experience if they suvivive, like in the Myth series.

Sudden Strike 2 editor
In Sudden Strike 2, you have the japanese units and the editor makes a comeback.

It's snowing and the medic has some things to do
In Sudden Strike and Sudden Strike 2 you battle trough missions, advance in the campaign, on the battlefields.
In a single or multiplayer game, you many tend to rush in with the tanks but i prefer to take my time, develop a strategy and aproach tacticaly towards the enemy.

Official addons :
Sudden Strike Forever :

Sudden Strike editor 
A addon for Sudden Strike, named Sudden Strike Forever, was made by adding more terrains (desert and winter setting), some tanks modified and a editor for map making.

Sudden Strike: Resource War :
This is a addon for Sudden Strike 2 that has resources, like fuel. Without fuel, thanks will stop after a they cover enough terain.
I compare the gloomy feeling of the above two games like this :
A german soldier waits in a -30 Celsius winter in a trench, waiting.
Waiting for the other player AI or in a multiplayer to come for him. But after some time, Katyusha rocket launchers arrived, unannounced.
To draw a parallel for the Myth game:
When a archer kills monsters in the late summer, and the autumn wind and falling leaves seems more gloomy for him !

Some of the mods :
SS2 Real Warfare Mod
SSRW Real Warfare Mod
SS Forever
SSRW Hidden Stroke II
SS II Hidden Stroke 2 Fusion
SS II Vietnam Project
SSRW Real Combat Mod

Links :
Online multiplayer games :
French speaking language forum :
German speaking language forum :
Russian speaking language forum :

13 January 2021

System we use

P.C. with Windows 10 64-bit system (CPU 3300 GHZ, 8 GB memory, NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 video  card, ASrock Z97 anniversary motherboard, Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS sound  card).

11 August 2020