Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I will post ww2 related stamps

I will post here ww2 related stamps from my own collection.


  1. Anonymous26/1/16

    Hey, I posted this same question on your ModDB post.. hope you can help.

    Hi, rare to see someone still playing this haha.. Anyway I have a question which I can't seem to find the answer to anywhere, on any tutorial or anything.. Really hoping you can help.. So say I make some ally units in the editor (ones you can't control, but are on your side and are AI-controlled). Well, whenever I place these units (yes, actual ally units, not neutral, not unmanned turrets), I am unable to see where they can see.. For example, take the original Sudden Strike Russian campaign; the first mission: on the southeast side of the map (before you kill the convoy and move your units down there), you are able to see what those units can see.. I hope you understand what I'm asking, if not just ask for clarification.. Really bothering me. Hope you can help, thanks.

    1. Are you refering to fog of war ?

    2. Hey its me again.. Yea it is, I replied to your ModDB reply so just check that page so we don't have do deal with confusion

  2. Ok than. Thanks.

  3. I answerd a good question from Stan Bobby in my Moddb page.

    Annyone got any questions i will be glad to answer them, so you can post them in ,,Map, mission and script making for Sudden Strike Forever,, tab above in the blog.

    I will add the solved problem in the above tab.