Saturday, September 5, 2015

Pre - alpha Sudden Strike in game demo presentation

Install the demo from Fileplanet gaming site.

This is a ingame presentation, where you can click to scrool the map and even send a bomber where you wish, but not interact with units or tanks.

The Blockbuster of the upcoming Millennium!

Real-time Strategy & tactical war game

Russian and German Units (US-American and British units will be implemented
soon) include infantry, tanks, Tiger, Panther, StrumTiger, Elephant, T34,
T34-85, T-26, KV-1, SU 85, T-70, BA-64, tank destroyers, Katyusha-Rocket-
launcher, assault guns and armoured cars, long-range howitzers, anti-aircraft
artillery, rocket launchers, trucks für transportation infantry and towing
artillery, mobile hospitals, trucks for reloading units with ammo, aviation
for landing troops, bombing and reconnaissance, and anti-tank mines.
Explosive experts are able to blow up bridges and buildings.

- Real-time strategic / tactical war game
- Historcal basis of the plot: World War II
- More than 30 missions (Russian, German, French, US-American and British)
- Up to 1.000 Unit per scenario
- Buildings, forests, bridges, roads, fortifications and entrenchments which
  can be destroyed
- Houses and buildings can be entered and used as fortifications
- Buildings of Ponton bridges, fortifications (e.g. tank blocks)
  and entrenchments

The Blockbuster of the upcoming Millennium!  Coming soon!
Release: January 2000 ,,

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